Humanomics is a national initiative that involves a partnership of multiple Canadian credit unions working together to change banking for the better.

By working together, we can offer more - that means more money reinvested in local communities, and new and better offers, products and programs for our members.

There is a growing trend towards higher household debt and lower savings and we want to help, because we’re in our members’ corner.  As a financial institution, we want to share our knowledge about positive money habits with every Canadian. Learning strong money skills at any age helps you make smart money decisions. It’s important to have these skills for your future. This is why
Humanomics exists.

Currently there are a group of seven Canadian credit unions that are part of this initiative, and we are growing. The Humanomics credit unions are: Coast Capital Savings (BC), Conexus Credit Union (SK), Credit Union Atlantic (NS), Enderby & District Financial (BC), Envision Financial (BC), Innovation Credit Union (SK), Prospera Credit Union (BC), Sunshine Coast Credit Union (BC) and Valley First (BC).

We are financial institutions owned by our members—and that means we are on your side. We’re not just out to make a buck - in fact, we’re out to help you make one.  Members of a credit union vote on their leadership and profits are returned to the community in the form of local investments.

Humanomics credit unions put the human factor into economics. Our bottom line is more than just numbers. People matter. Community matters. We put humans first, hence we are Humanomics credit unions.